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Brand Vogue Cigarettes
Vogue Cigarettes

Vogue Arome Super Slims

Vogue Cigarettes come along with other popular brands and are no less unique and attractive. Their extreme softness and fashionable design are always recognizable even by non-smokers. A beautiful white box with a tender image on it is an excellent way to emphasize the finesse of cigarettes. Smooth, pleasant taste and elegant appearance makes them so romantic and delicate that you can't stop thinking of them. Smoking Vogue Arome Super Slims you feel relaxed as you enjoy the full gamma of tobacco taste. The company with good experience and brilliant reputation always gladdens smokers with the highest quality and brightest senses.

Vogue Lilas Super Slims

Vogue is a result of uniting two companies British American Tobacco and its American rival Rothmans International in 1999. Since then, Vogue has been one of the most popular and stylish cigarette brands. They became the standard of women's cigarettes in many countries. Today, Vogue is still considered to be the premium cigs for ladies.

Vogue Lilas Super Slims appeared in 2005. There was produced a series of cigarettes which had unprecedented success. Ultra-light cigs are saturated with a deep, multifaceted flavor aroma and finely designed. Every fashionable woman has Vogue in her purse.

Vogue Menthol Super Slims

Vogue is produced in several tastes and aromas. Cheap Vogue Menthol Super Slims are true leaders among cigarettes of this category. Admirers of the brand know that these cigs look so great in a hand of a lady. A perfect blend and a refined aroma, an exquisite design and a good filter make smoking a pleasant and enjoyable process.

Vogue is permeated in elegance and high style. An attractive price complements the image. These cigarettes are hard to be not tried and liked by everyone. Menthol gives pleasant coolness, and blending of high quality tobacco make you delight Vogue.

Vogue Platine Super Slims

Vogue is a popular cigarette trademark known for its elegance and high quality. The company was founded in 1999. It quickly reached success and became one of the most recognizable brands. Vogue Platine Super Slims are made of the finest tobacco and a filter of high quality that makes smoking exceptionally pleasant and relaxing.

The cigarettes are also known for their chic and distinguished design. Vogue is considered to be women's cigs, but there are men who also estimate their refinedness and high style. If you want to look graceful and presentable, choose Vogue. You can't go wrong. Buy cheap Vogue cigarettes online at