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Brand Style Cigarettes
Style Cigarettes

Style Super Slims Bleue

As the name suggests, Style Super Slims Bleue are longer than your usual king sized cigarettes. Many smokers who bought Style Super Slims Bleue were impressed with their strong, yet pleasant flavor that won't irritate your throat. With a fair price and slow and even burning time they are a perfect choice for smokers who love to relax with a cigarette and a cup of coffee. By mixing a perfect number of additives with a premium-quality tobacco blend, Style Super Slims Bleue are able to deliver a satisfactory buzz without causing annoying headache.

Style Super Slims Arome

You are offered to buy cheap cigarettes Style Super Slims Arome if you appreciate excellent smooth. This is a brand manufactured in the United Kingdom by Imperial Tobacco. The product takes its name after the length of the cigarettes. This brand was the first one in the UK to produce cigarettes which were longer than the traditional king-sized ones.

Only high quality tobacco is used for their manufacturing. Cigarettes Style Super Slims Arome are full of flavor and easy on the throat.