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Brand Sobranie Cigarettes
Sobranie Cigarettes

Sobranie Classic Silver

The cigarettes Sobranie Classic Silver are produced by the Gallaher Group, and the 75% of the cigarette's filling made out of premium blend of tobacco, and the rest is a cellulose-based tobacco alternative. When you buy Sobranie Classic Silver online, you get the leading low-tar brand of cigarettes in the UK and across the Europe. They have a smooth taste and a pleasant flavor that makes them perfect for your daily smoking activities. Sobranie Classic Silver cigarettes will indulge you with a fresh aroma and a satisfying buzz.

Sobranie Blue

Sobranie Blue began their existence as low-tar cigarettes way back in 1963. Nowadays, they are the leading brand of cigarettes in the UK, with a significant fan database in the Republic of Ireland and Greece. Even a large audience of smokers across the Europe received a chance to experience these unique cigarettes. No wonder why many prefer buying the cigarettes Sobranie Blue. They have a bold, yet smooth taste that is never too overwhelming. If you love a pleasant tasting light cigarette, then try Sobranie Blue cigarettes and you won't regret.

Sobranie Black

The cigarettes Sobranie Black are premium-quality smokes that offer rich and satisfying smoking experience. They became widely known to a larger crowd of smokers because of their sponsorship of Subaru World Rally Championship cars. And because of their wide availability, you can buy cheap Sobranie Black pretty much anywhere in the world. These cigarettes are made by using the premium blend of tobacco and just the right number of additives that deliver a strong, yet very smooth and tasty flavor for which they are famous for.

Sobranie Gold

Cigarettes Sobranie Gold are designed especially for those ladies who appreciate style and tenderness and, at the same time, can evaluate their fine tobacco blend and rich flavor. The product will bring you everything you expect from a slim cigarette: low nicotine, reduced tar content, elegant package and stylish look. Cigarettes Sobranie Gold to highlight your good taste and sophisticated nature. If you are searching for a cigarette which can satisfy you with tobacco natural taste and aroma, choose this product and you won't regret.