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Brand Salem Cigarettes
Salem Cigarettes

Salem Menthol

The cigarettes Salem are able to satisfy any smoker's desire for a great tasting menthol cigarette. The cigarettes are made of the premium-quality tobacco blend that is balanced with just the right amount of menthol to deliver a perfect mix of crisp tobacco flavor and refreshing mint. Buy cheap Salem cigarettes and experience a rich and full flavor that doesn't overkill your taste buds. Green packaging design of the Salem cigarettes has been reworked in order to achieve a unique retro look, make a bold statement that these are not your ordinary menthol cigarettes. Your mouth will feel alive and your senses will be pleased with a fresh taste of crispy mint.

Salem Menthol Lights

Back in 1956 Salem Menthol Lights cigarettes dominated the menthol variety of cigarettes. And now Salem Menthol Lights represents a lighter version of this iconic brand of menthol cigarettes. If you buy the cigarettes Salem Menthol Lights online, you'll get a menthol cigarette that has been perfected by Salem, and now takes the crown of being the best-selling variety of menthol cigarettes on the market. These cigarettes offer a smooth and mild flavor combined with a refreshing taste of premium oriental mint that is perfect for having a smoke break during any time of day or night.