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Brand Rothmans Cigarettes
Rothmans Cigarettes

Rothmans King Size (Blue)

If you are looking for high-quality smokes and a refreshingly comfortable taste, then you should settle for Rothmans King Size (Blue). These premium quality cigarettes have a rock-solid reputation for their top quality and superb flavor. Every time you buy cheap Rothmans Blue, you get the cigarettes which are well-known for their 100 years of experience in making a premium quality tobacco blend that provides a warm and soothing flavor. Their signature flavor and lasting burn are perfect for any occasion. When on the lookout for a classic flavor and superb quality, go with Rothmans Blue cigarettes.

Rothmans Red

Rothmans Red cigarettes were specifically crafted for those who value a pleasant, classic taste, and long-lasting smoking experience. Buying Rothmans Red will let you enjoy their characteristic fragrance and taste resulting from the use of a unique tobacco blend. Each cigarette is wrapped in paper that had been meticulously designed to burn slowly, so that you could enjoy the time off during your relaxing smoking sessions. And the use of a cellulose filter ensures trapping of extra tar, so you could enjoy the clean and smooth finish which only the Rothmans brand of cigarettes may provide.

Rothmans International

Thanks to a delightful taste and an exclusive tobacco blend, Rothmans International cigarettes became very popular and now have a large fan base. Due to their unique taste and smooth flavor, these cigarettes are a true luxury that is always able to please. They are well known around the world for their rich heritage and exquisite smoking experience which they are able to provide. Whenever you buy Rothmans International, you get only the best of roasted tobacco leaves, a balanced strength of nicotine along with a rich and delicious flavor. As soon as you see a royal blue package, ornamented by the regal Rothman crest - be ready for a superior flavor that is hard to find.