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Brand R1 Cigarettes
R1 Cigarettes

R1 was launched in 1984 in Germany. Today, R1's distinct taste has earned the brand a strong position among lovers of quality, mild smokes in Germany and Eastern Europe. Be warned though, their smooth taste will win you over for good.

R1 Minima Slim Line 100

The main description of cigarettes R1 Minima Slim Line is that it is a high quality product which starts at a very reasonable price. The cigarettes provide you with a strong and rich flavor. Made of tobacco of fine quality they are appropriate for strong-cigarette lovers.

Buy cigarettes R1 Minima Slim Line for this wonderful balance of taste, aroma and smoothness. They are most appropriate for men, strong and independent, who appreciate tobacco's bold taste. The combination of high quality cigarettes, stylish look and reasonable prices will make you an R1 Minima Slim Line's fan and prove that this product is worth buying.

R1 Super Slims Black Diamond

Cigarettes R1 Super Slims Black have an outstanding package which can be easily distinguished among others. It is white with an eagle spreading his wings. Buy cheap R1 Super Slims Black not only if you consider yourself to be a stylish person but for a perfect smoke as well.

These cigarettes are manufactured of a fine top-quality tobacco. They are not as strong as R1 Super Slims Black; each cigarette contains 0.4 milligrams of nicotine. The product is of medium strength and can be characterized as a wonderful combination of rich flavor, fine taste and high quality filter. Choosing cigarettes R1 Super Slims Black you'll experience an ideal procedure of smoking.

R1 Super Slims

Cigarettes R1 Super Slims can be considered rather popular among casual smokers. Their taste is full of original flavor and quality tobacco which is sourced from Africa, Asia and Central America. They are easy to light up and have a long burn period. Their aftertaste is mild without any chemical additives and the cigarettes themselves are really smooth.

R1 Fresh Menthol

Cigarettes R1 Fresh Menthol belong to one of the best known smokes. Their rich and unforgettable taste makes them popular among smokers worldwide. R1 Fresh Menthol can be characterized by mild taste, rich flavor and slow lighting time. All these features will give you the opportunity to enjoy the procedure of smoking to the fullest.

You won't experience any unpleasant aftertaste while smoking. At the same time, menthol which is rather bold, will add some freshness to the process. If you prefer its vivid taste, buy R1 Fresh Menthol online.

R1 Ultra Slim Line

Cigarettes R1 Ultra Slim Line are one of the popular types in the line-up of R1. Bright in flavor, they gain their popularity among smokers. The cigarettes' taste is mild and rather pleasant. Manufactured from fine tobacco, these cigs can be bought at a reasonable price which is a plus. You won't feel any chemical aftertaste if you smoke these cigarettes.

The strongest reason for buying cigarettes R1 Ultra Slim Line is that they are considered to be one of the best cigarettes of the kind. Their natural flavor and smell will make your smoke unforgettable.