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Brand L&M Cigarettes
L&M Cigarettes

L&M Blue

L&M Blue cigarettes are the kind of cigarettes that are easily recognized for their attractive blue band and a proud crest on the label. They are perfect for those who enjoy the cigarettes that never sacrifice the taste. By simply buying L&M Blue cigarettes you will be able to experience an amazingly rich tobacco blend in a stick that contains 0,5mg of nicotine. Every time you smoke L&M Blue cigarettes you will encounter a constant and delicious flavor that lasts with every single draw on a cigarette. And there is another reason for you to rejoice - these cigarettes won't bankrupt your wallet.

L&M Red

Red stands for Love, and that is exactly why L&M Red cigarettes have red on their box, so that you could fall in love as soon as you light one up. They have clean and smooth burning to provide you with the best smoking experience. And since only the best of tobacco blends being used, they have a rich flavor and an incredible taste so that you will end-up including them in your everyday routine. When you buy cheap L&M Red online, you get solid 0,9mg of nicotine in each cigarette, resulting in a delicious cigarette that was made to satisfy cravings for quality.