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Brand Kent Cigarettes
Kent Cigarettes

Kent cigarettes are a perfect selection for those craving for a strong flavorful taste in a cigarette. A great taste is delivered through a specifically developed charcoal filter, which is able to minimize the amount of impurities inhaled by the smoker, without sacrificing great flavor and rich aroma of the cigarettes. The popularity of these cigarettes in undeniable since they have been a popular choice of many Americans. But because they are also developed under the supervision of British American Tobacco, they are available worldwide. When you buy Kent, you get a robust flavor and an attractive cigarette that is loved by many consumers worldwide.

Kent Futura Mini

This very much loved brand offers premium light cigarettes Kent Futura Mini. Since their introduction back in 1952, Kent has had a reputation of the cigarette to smoke when you want less tar and nicotine in a full-flavored smoke. These rich tasting, yet mild cigarettes are packed with an exquisite taste that won't leave you with a chemical or harsh aftertaste that is typical for other brands of cigarettes. If you enjoy a great tasting light cigarette, then you won't be disappointed buying Kent Futura Mini. With their 0,6mg of nicotine in each stick you will get a flavorful cigarette that will give you a pleasant and relaxing head buzz.

Kent Neo Mini

The cigarettes Kent Neo Mini are bursting with smooth and natural taste that has no chemical aftertaste unlike other brands of cigarettes. A high-quality filter is able to remove more tar and nicotine resulting in more protection at a highly affordable price. A natural taste is enhanced by an aromatic and pleasant smell. Every time you buy cheap Kent Neo Mini online, you invest into a long-lasting smoking experience thanks to prolonged burn time of Kent's slim tubing. Should you have a stressful day, Kent Neo Mini cigarettes will be able to provide you with an excellent smoke break followed by a relaxing nicotine buzz that will soothe your body and soul.

Kent Infina Mini

What will you get with Kent Infina Mini? You will be getting a pleasant milky taste of a light cigarette that is never harsh. Only the highest blend of tobacco is being used, and additionally, with only 1 mg of tar along with 0,1 mg of nicotine, this light cigarette is able to deliver a classic flavor that doesn't even have a hint of a chemical aftertaste. For those who buy Kent Infina Mini, a pleasant and easy smoke is guaranteed during your fine moments of relaxation. Each cigarette is rolled in smooth paper with a charcoal filter decorated with a silver ring and Kent logo.

Kent Silver Neo

If you are the kind of a smoker who loves a light cigarette with a bite, then perhaps Kent Silver Neo is exactly what you need. This classic light cigarette has a rich, yet smooth flavor with moderate 0,3 mg of nicotine. And by having their exclusive charcoal filter, the number of additives and chemicals that the smoker is usually exposed to will be greatly reduced. No matter where you buy cheapest the cigarettes Kent Silver Neo, it is granted that they are one of the most trusted cigarette brands across the globe. Their pleasant taste and even burn will be able to satisfy any smoker in the world.