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Brand Karelia Cigarettes
Karelia Cigarettes

Karelia is among the most famous cigarette brands, and is produced in most sunny and southern city in Europe. In distant Greece, tobacco leaves of Karelia cigarettes are daily fed with sunlight and become even richer and more pleasant. Thanks to a good geographical position, Karelia tobacco is produced in good conditions and each Karelia cigarette can take you to the place it was grown.

If you want to get to Greece, all you have to do is to buy cheap Karelia cigarettes online and start smoking them. You will be immediately transported to the world of sun, fresh sea air and unforgettable sensations.

The production of Karelia cigarettes was started in 1888 and initially, it was a family business. Due to a delicate aroma and taste of Karelia cigarettes, they became popular very quickly not just among the local population, but in many other world countries. After this, the production of Karelia cigarettes began to expand every year. Thanks to that Karelia cigarettes contain only best Greek tobacco; each cigarette is full with the atmosphere of Greece. So, a person who is smoking Karelia cigarettes forgets everything.

Karelia cigarettes are very mild and delicate. They are designed for pleasure and bring a smoker amazing sensations. Cigarette smoke of Karelia does not sting the throat, causes no cough or irritation. The delicate smoke gets into your lungs gently and you feel this delicate and soft aroma of Karelia cigarettes. We can’t describe the feelings you get from smoking Karelia in couple of words, since refined tobacco from the sunny Greece can bring a true pleasure to every smoker. The only thing should be said to describe the luxury Karelia cigarettes. These cigarettes are made of 100% tobacco and contain minimum additives and chemical substances. Therefore, when you are smoking Karelia cigarettes, you feel the tobacco, the sun and Greece itself, but not different chemicals that only worsen the taste.

It is also worth noting, the look of the cigarette pack of Karelia. The pack of Karelia cigarettes can be easily seen and immediately recognized among the hundreds. The main difference of almost all Karelia packs it is the colorful stripe on one side of the pack. Depending on the cigarette type, the stripe has various colors. In order to choose a suitable variant of Karelia cigarettes, you need just to look at the pack.

All the lines and colors on the cigarette pack of Karelia are designed in a delicate style. Letters, stripes, lines and passages – everything underlines the delicate flavor of Karelia cigarettes. Due to this, it was created the image of cigarettes with which you can rest.

Karelia cigarettes are produced in both variants: for women and for men. Therefore each person can enjoy the flavor and sense of Karelia cigarettes.

You also can buy Karelia cigarettes and rate the quality on advantage. Thanks to the modern online cigarette stores, you can buy Karelia cigarettes in just couple of minutes today. Due to handy and simple purchase Karelia online, you can enjoy the luxurious aroma of best cigarettes Karelia.

Karelia Slims

Karelia Slims is a good sample of excellent aroma and perfect taste properties in cigs. This trademark has been popular since 1888 and is still appreciated by connoisseurs of high quality cigarettes. Elegant size of Karelia Slims was produced for fashionable and chic women who consider smoking to be a part of style. Enjoy ultra-delicate and smooth taste and slight aroma of Karelia any time a day, with a cup of coffee in the evening and a cup of hot chocolate in the morning. You will feel a fine finish in your mouth after smoking. Karelia is made to bring moments of relaxation and add fest in your life.

Karelia Slims Blue

Karelia is one of the oldest and most respective brands in the world. It has been smoked since 1888. Highest standards of quality, finest aroma and loyalty to the best traditions of cigarettes industry have made Karelia number #1 brand in Europe. There are sold almost 15 billion of cigarettes annually. That's a sign of recognition and trust. The company deals with more than sixty countries of the world including the states of Asia, Africa, South and North America, Pacific Ocean, etc. Karelia Slims Blue Cigarettes are manufactured in sunny Greece. Their elegancy and superior aroma is tasted by millions of people and highly appreciated.

Karelia Cream Slims Color

Chic beauties will appreciate the blend of Karelia Cream Slims. Thin cigs with a perfect aroma and fine taste bring moments of pleasure and relaxation. Smoking these cigarettes, you will forget about your problems for several minutes. Number #1 company has made a great surprise for Karelia fans and produced creamy pleasure with a sweet name Karelia Cream Slims. More than sixty countries of the world sell these wonderful cigs. Moreover, the company always develops high technologies to invent new tastes of Karelia. Try Cream Slims right now and feel the majesty of sweet moments.

Karelia Menthol Slims

The cigarettes Karelia Menthol Slims were first founded in 1888 by Greek prominent cigarette manufacturer and exporter that acquired a solid reputation for bringing the most distinguished brands to the world. When you buy Karelia Menthol Slims, you will receive cigarettes which are well known for their highest quality. Their state of art manufacturing facilities is known to be the most advanced in the whole Europe, and they produce over 15 billion of cigarettes each year. And currently, Karelia cigarettes are being shipped across the whole Europe and additionally to more than 60 countries in the world.

George Karelias And Sons

What can be more luxurious than royal quality in chic design? George Karelias & Sons is made for people who like a full life with all its pleasant things as fine tastes, sweet aromas and highest quality.

The trademark of Karelia has been popular since 1888. The company was founded in Greece and this has made a certain impact on the taste and manufacturing technologies of cigarettes.

George Karelias comes in a swell red package decorated with red letters. It is hard to pass by without giving them a glance. They attract the eye and beckon. Try this perfect flavor and share it with your friends.

George Karelias And Sons Full Flavored

The cigarettes Karelia Full Flavor are a slim kind of cigarettes that were first produced in Greece back in 1888. As the name implies, you will get a rich and flavorful taste when you buy cheap Karelia Full Flavor. They have a smooth and distinguished taste and are easy to smoke, and since these cigarettes are packed with the premium quality tobacco blend, you are sure to experience a superb smoking experience. Every time you are ready for a smoke break, be ready to relax and enjoy good times, since you will get a pleasant head buzz that will soothe your soul.

Karelia Super Slims Ome White

White is the color of tenderness and delicacy. Karelia Ome White Cigarettes are like a fragile Greek lily - so light and elegant. Enjoy the perfect blend of high-quality tobacco and classic traditions of cigs making. A company with experience of more than 100 years still prepares surprises to those ones who appreciate the brand and are loyal to it. Karelia Ome White is one of the most wide-spread choices among people from 18 to 75. They are for smokers who estimate classics above all. If you haven't tried the white flower of Karelia, try it immediately and be sure that this brand will become your favorite very soon!

Karelia Super Slims Ome

Karelia Super Slims are a new word in cigs manufacturing. They became popular so quickly due to their fine aroma and chic blend. Karelia belongs to brands which news quickly becomes classics. This company can be trusted as more than 60 countries throughout the world consider it to be one of the most popular, reliable and developed ones. Since 1888, Karelia has gladdened smokers with permanent quality and a variety of tastes. Ome Super Slims will be liked by young ladies as they look extremely smart and elegant. They will decorate any arm and make any woman a fashionable one.

Karelia Super Slims Pink

Karelia belongs to the cigarettes of supreme price segment. It is only natural tobacco without chemical additives. More than 60 countries of the world appreciate its glamour design, soft taste and the highest standards of quality. Karelia Pink is another perfect blend of Karelia. These cigs are popular due to their elegance and perfect flavor that is felt by each person while smoking.

The company has skills and experience of generations. Therefore, it doesn't stop developing new tastes and amazing fans. Karelia Slims Pink is the choice of those who have an eye for high quality and finesse.