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Brand Gauloises Cigarettes
Gauloises Cigarettes

Gauloises Blondes Blue

The company producing Gauloises Cigarettes was found in 1910. In the 1950s, it produced filtered cigs which quickly became popular with regular smokers. The brand used dark tobacco for a long time. In 1984, it was re-launched with an American type blend of light tobacco and got a new name - Gauloises Blondes which meant Gauloises White in English. Nowadays, this company still produces cigs which are primarily appreciated by hard smokers as the blend has certain bitterness in the taste which is estimated by fans. The taste is specific. So, you will never make a hash of them with other cigs.

Gauloises Blondes Red

Gauloises Blondes Red are of the French origin. They are smoked by people who appreciate real strength and full flavor of tobacco smoke. The popular brand firstly produced its goods in 1910. Tobacco used in Gauloises is a blend of Syrian and Turkish sorts of tobacco that make the taste of cigs capricious and refined. According to the history, Frenchmen considered smoking to be a manifestation of patriotism between wars. Gauloises were favorite cigarettes of a great number of celebrities such as Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, Jean Jean-Paul Sartre, Serge Gainsbourg and others.

Gauloises Blondes Yellow

Gauloises are popular with people of more than 50 countries of the world. This fame was gained by constant working on the brand, developing new technologies of tobacco blends and staying loyal to classical traditions of high quality and stylish design.

Today, Gauloises Blondes Yellow don't need advertising. They have got their name and are known by almost everyone. Capricious mixes of Syrian and Turkish tobacco and French finesse have made Gauloises a good finding for true tobacco connoisseurs. Buy cheap gauloises cigarettes online & enjoy.