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Brand Dunhill Cigarettes
Dunhill Cigarettes

Dunhill Red

The cigarettes Dunhill Red have a new and exciting sweet cigarette flavor. Anyone looking for a great cigarette, after buying Dunhill Red will appreciate their quality and stylish metallic-red package. Inside that package you will discover cigarettes that pack a hefty punch of nicotine (1 mg) in each stick, yet they are easy to smoke and they won't irritate your throat. These cigarettes are best known for their rich tobacco flavor with its signature sweet taste and a hint of caramel undertone. The cigarettes Dunhill Red will give you a pleasant buzz without causing an irritation.

Dunhill Fine Cut White

The cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut White are considered to be the leading luxury brand of cigarettes in the world. If you buy the cigarettes Dunhill Cut White, you may stop smoking other cigarette brands, because these are crafted with an exceptional quality and feature a fine design. Each cigarette stick is carefully packed with a golden colored tobacco, and since there are no additives, you won't experience a nasty chemical aftertaste. These fine cigarettes have a distinct sweet taste, delicious flavor and slow burn, thanks to which you can enjoy the moments of satisfaction for even longer periods of time.

Dunhill Blue (Lights)

If you are looking to experience a light cigarette with a satisfying exotic aroma, then cigarettes Dunhill Blue are sure to please even the most experienced smokers. The special blend of fine-cut tobacco has a clean taste with just a hint of sweetness. And when you buy cigarettes Dunhill Blue online, you get the cigarettes without the chemical additives that ruin the taste. Their stylish package seals the flavor so that when you get it open, you will be pulling out a fresh cigarette with a sweet aroma and a perforated filter that lets you experience a smooth and easy draw.

Dunhill Fine Cut Black

The cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut Black present a smoker with a complex blend of refreshing roasted flavor and a hint of sweetness. Many smokers who buy cheap cigarettes Dunhill Cut Black experience a pure smoking pleasure with a great taste and delicious flavor. These cigarettes are perfect for your mid-day smoke break, since their famous filtration system and slow and even burn allows for long-lasing smoking experience. With 0.8 mg of nicotine, the cigarettes Dunhill Cut Black will please you with their rich taste that goes down incredibly smooth.

Dunhill Master Blend

For a guaranteed flavorful smoking experience, choose the cigarettes Dunhill Master Blend. These cigarettes feature a premium tobacco blend and a unique combination of flavors that are able to deliver great smoking experience. This cigarette is a perfect choice to complement your morning cup of coffee since it has a robust, yet smooth flavor. When you buy the cigarettes Dunhill Master Blend, you get the exceptional brand of cigarettes, which you may light up any time of day or night and receive an exquisite smoking experience that is truly refreshing.

Dunhill Menthol

The cigarettes Dunhill Menthol are made using only the highest quality Virginia tobacco that is carefully balanced with a tasty menthol flavor. Every single draw on a cigarette delivers a silky smooth minty taste. Buy the cigarettes Dunhill Menthol and experience refreshingly smooth smoking experience that is additive free, so you won't feel a harsh or chemical aftertaste. The cigarettes Dunhill Menthol feature an easy to recognize mint green box with a foil inner sleeve that keeps the cigarette's tobacco flavor always fresh and ready to serve your finest smoking needs.