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Brand Davidoff Cigarettes
Davidoff Cigarettes

Davidoff Gold Slims 100's

Davidoff cigarettes were born to become the most prestigious cigarettes in the world. You can hardly find another trademark that will be able to compete with Davidoff in stylishness, perfect taste and prestige. Davidoff Gold Slims 100's are considered to be real golden cigs as the quality of tobacco used in the manufacturing of them is premium. Smoking Davidoff you shouldn't worry that your clothing will smell with tobacco. Davidoff has such a slight aroma that you feel it while smoking only. There is no need to look for something extraordinary which will be able to complement your high status. Just buy cheap Davidoff Gold Slims 100's cigarettes. You will enjoy smoking.

Davidoff Classic Slims

Classic means superiority. Davidoff Classic Slims are the cigarettes known for their high quality, smooth flavor and subtle aroma. They are the choice of self-respected people who know how important it is to smoke good cigs.

Zino Davidoff produced his cigarettes for true tobacco connoisseurs. Today, classic cigarettes are not less popular than 100 years ago. Modern technologies allow making smoking more pleasant and full. Davidoff Classic Slims have a filter that lets feel each nuance of tobacco and enjoy the process of smoking even if it is short. You will be satisfied with your choice.

Davidoff Super Slims One

An elegant white pack of Davidoff White Superslims One draws stares because of its elegance and high style. This brand is considered to be a luxury and is smoked by people who are true connoisseurs of good quality cigarettes. 20 magnificently looking cigarettes in a box give you 20 wonderful times of enjoyment while smoking. Sleek and stylish cigs look stylish in the hand of a lady. However, there are men who like them too.

Davidoff is famous for its classic traditions of grace and fine taste. Light flavor and high-quality tobacco distinguish them from other brands. It is hard to escape the wish to try these cigs. They look so attractive!

Davidoff Black Mini

Davidoff cigarettes were born to be the elite among cigarettes. No other brand in the world is able to match Davidoff cigarettes' prestige, superior taste and style. The first Davidoff cigarette, the famous Davidoff Black Mini, was created by Zino Davidoff exclusively for true tobacco connoisseurs.

Davidoff Gold

Davidoff cigarettes are considered to be the elite among cigarettes not in vain. There isn't a brand in the world which can conquer with Davidoff in prestige, popularity and style. True tobacco connoisseurs think that Davidoff Gold are cigs for people who love to live a full life and are ready to pay for this. In fact, the price of Davidoff cigarettes is much higher than pleasure that they bring. You can really enjoy the very moment of smoking as you will never meet such a refined taste and aroma. Classic basis and modern technologies are widely used by the company to make its product the best in the world.

Davidoff Gold Slims

Davidoff is an elite cigarette brand produced by Swiss company. Zino Davidoff developed family business and created a real empire of the finest cigs. He had studied manufacturing of these products for two years in Cuba. This experience helped him to apply special technologies which are still used in production of Davidoff cigarettes. Davidoff Gold Slims are a perfect choice for smokers who estimate smooth and pleasant taste. The design of packs is stylish and elegant. Due to these factors Davidoff has become the most luxurious and superb cigarettes on the market.

Davidoff Blue

Every smoker who cares about his status chooses Davidoff cigarettes. This brand is truly considered to be one of the best ones and belongs to premium class. Davidoff Blue cigarettes are not affordable to everyone due to their high price, but this price means the highest quality of tobacco and filter. A subtle, delicate taste, a classic and stylish design of packaging and jasmine aroma are the main features of these cigarettes which distinguish them from others. Producers lower strong tobacco artificially, so it leaves almost no odor on the clothing of smokers. Order Davidoff cigarettes online and get coupons.

Davidoff One

There is no other cigarette brand in the world which can conquer Davidoff in the softness of taste, prestige and superior quality. These elite cigs are of high price and high class. One can emphasize his status with the help of them.

Even if you have smoked other cigs, you will be very surprised to discover a new level of quality in Davidoff One. They are delicious, pleasant, capricious and unique.

Experienced smokers know that good cigs cost much. This price means pleasant moments of smoking, when you enjoy the finesse and coolness of taste and subtleness of perfect Davidoff One aroma.