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Brand Camel Cigarettes
Camel Cigarettes

Camel Filters

If you consider yourself to be a true smoking fan, then cigarettes Camel Filters were made just for you. Many smokers buy Camel Filters since they are able to provide with strong, yet exclusively natural tobacco taste that simply can't be beaten by other kinds of full flavor cigarettes. Other brands may have that sweet taste, but Camel Filters don't. Instead, they have an earthy and classic taste with a pleasant aroma which will satisfy even the most experienced smokers.

Unlike other cigarette brands, Camel Filters won't make you dizzy since they have a perfect dose of nicotine, however, they will give you a pleasant head rush. If you want to experience the buzz and old-fashioned cigarette taste over the newer kinds of cigarettes, then Camel Filters are just what you need.

Camel Blue

The cigarettes Camel Blue are the company's variety of light cigarettes. While these cigarettes have a flavor of stronger kinds of cigarettes, yet still, their taste is not as harsh. Full flavored Camels may be rough on the throat. However, buying cigarettes Camel Blue won't give you that feeling. Camel reworked their packaging and names, and since then the name was changed. And now, the new Camel Blue cigarettes taste just as good as the old light variety.

You will find their taste to be mellow and satisfying, and because they don't burn too fast, you will never feel like you are being rushed during your smoke brake. But instead, if you leave it unattended, it will simply stop burning on its own. If you prefer light cigarettes, then a long lasting burn and a great tasting mild flavor of Camel Blue will be your perfect choice.

Camel Silver

The cigarettes Camel Silver will please you with their smooth and rich flavor that satisfies. Being a natural successor to the former Light Cigarette, their tobacco blend is pleasantly fresh and mild. Unlike other known cigarette brands, when you buy cigarettes Camel Silver, you get almost no additives, and that makes them leaders in a commercial light cigarette market all the time and every time. A great taste, an even burn and superb quality of tobacco made thousands of Marlboro Light smokers switch over to Camel Silver, the perfect light cigarette smoking experience.

Camel Non Filter

The cigarettes Camel Non Filter are a perfect choice for experienced smokers. Thanks to their style, consistent quality and a top-notch tobacco blend, along with their ever increasing popularity, they became one of the Camel's main products. Even though they lack filters, many smokers buy Camel Non Filter due to their smooth and mild flavor.

As soon as you get the pack opened, you will feel their rich aroma which will increase as soon as you light one of them up. And since there is little smoke while you inhale and exhale, your smoking experience will be even that much enjoyable. These great cigarettes are made out of premium quality tobacco which is responsible for the cigarette's rich and flavorful taste that grows as you work your way through the whole pack.

Camel Mild

Are you considering yourself to be a sophisticated smoker? Then by buying the cigarettes Camel Mild you will enjoy a satisfying smoking experience that you rightfully deserve. After a long day of work there is no better way of letting your stress go than emerging yourself into a cloud of smoke created by cigarettes Camel Mild.

While smoking Camel Mild cigarettes, you will be able to keep your mind at ease and your spirit soothed. If you desire a top-notch cigarette that is able to deliver complete satisfaction, then the Camel Mild with their consistent quality is just what you need.

Camel One

For almost a century, amazing cigarettes Camel One remained very popular. They are very iconic, and they became an image which is widely encouraged by Hollywood. And even now there are literally millions of people worldwide who buy cheap cigarettes Camel One due to their high nicotine content that makes their flavor very strong and true.

That is the main reason behind their wide popularity. Thanks to their long burn time and smooth, enjoyable taste, these superb smokes are the true American classics for both the men and women. These popular cigarettes are still in great demand by many smokers worldwide.

Camel Natural Flavor 4

By checking out the charts, you will discover that the cigarettes Camel Natural Flavor 4 are placed on top due to their flavor, style and quality. If you need a quality cigarette at an affordable price, then think about buying the cigarettes Camel Natural Flavor 4, these were smoked (and still are) by the hottest and trendiest individuals in the world. If you watch closely, then you'll spot some celebrities that smoke Camel Natural Flavor 4 after hitting the red carpet.

These Camel cigarettes offer the highest-quality and additive-free natural tobacco blend which they are well known for. Thanks to an attractive shiny gold box, it is always fun to pull them out of your pocket or handbag. Camel's Natural Flavor cigarettes are simply the most stylish and newest cigarettes on the market today.

Camel Natural Flavor 6

Thanks to the production of Camel Natural Flavor 6, RJ Reynolds wants to increase the potential female audience of Camel cigarettes fans. Before the occurrence of Camel Natural Flavor 6, the RJ Reynolds Company has had just two brands available, which produce cigarettes for women: Capri and Misty. However, according to the latest data, about half of all smokers are women; this is why brand Camel has long planned to expand its capacity. Still, feminine cigarettes Camel Natural Flavor 6 are produced not just in classic variant, but also with menthol flavor. It is believed, that due to the production of Camel, the percentage of women, which prefer cigarettes Camel will increase. (Before the occurrence of Camel Natural Flavor 6, about 30% of women preferred Camel cigarettes).

Camel Natural Flavor 8

Not so long ago, the new brand Camel entered to the cigarette market with a great pathos. Famous Camel brand (which in fact is the oldest cigarette brand), has announced the launch of the new type cigarettes – Camel Flavor 8. The new Flavor 8 is designed especially for ladies and combines the most delicate aromas and good quality, which will definitely please any lady regardless of her preferences.

We would like to add that brand Camel was always considered as the masculine cigarette brand with a very strong smoke and flavor. However, Camel cigarette were always pure and qualitative cigarettes. So, some people were greatly surprised to find out about the invention of RJ Reynolds of the new Camel Flavor 8.

Indeed, Camel cigarette brand appeared in a new form, which people could not imagine before.

Camel Flavor 8 cigarettes are presented in a new pack of a bright pink color (fuchsia) with a black velvet-like cover. Ladies appreciated the unusual design of Camel cigarettes, so the majority of women decided to try the new Camel 9 in the very first days of sales.

If we consider Camel Flavor 8 from a practical standpoint, RJ Reynolds didn’t change its traditions.

Camel Flavor 8 cigarettes were meant for ladies of any ages. You’ll get much pleasure from the buying of Camel Flavor 8 online, and when you will be smoking cigarettes you will be pleased even more.